Open positions
Mental illness and the mental health treatment gap is one of the largest, yet tragically overlooked problems in the world. Our mission is to change this.

Joining us means working with cutting edge technology to create impactful experiences that could help hundreds of millions of people. You will be working in a small, diverse, non-judging and ambitious team focused on building impactful products. Joining at this stage is a great opportunity to next to the founders shape the product and direction of Mimerse.

Initially we are primarily looking for more VR/AR developers. However, if you are excited about what we do feel free to send an open job application.

In your application consider attaching your CV, a personal note and maybe links to projects, publications or other stuff you have been involved in.

Send it to
Senior Unity3D developer

You are an experienced person looking to take the next step professionally and want to make an impact. In collaboration with the founding team you will hold, develop, articulate and continually evolve technical direction and take responsibility for scaling up engineering at Mimerse whilst managing and participating in day to day product development.

What are we looking for?
  • MSc in Computer Science
  • Expert knowledge of Unity3D
  • Deep understanding of computer graphics
  • Experience in 3D game asset development and pipeline
  • Extensive experience of leading teams
  • Experience shipping products

Preferred experience
  • VR development
  • Shader programming
  • Backend development
  • Analytics
Unity3D developer

You are a passionate and curious person eager to learn. You will be designing, implementing and testing gameplay elements and features in Unity3D

What are we looking for?
  • Unity3D generalist
  • Ability to write and maintain well structured code - C# .net
  • Interest and willingness to learn both artistic and technical workflows
  • Comfortable with rapidly prototyping and sometimes abandoning concepts

Preferred experience
  • VR development
  • Game jamming